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www9raytakcom ENGLISH GRAMMAR - 1 - How to succeed to pass the ECL ALCPT TOEFL SAT GRE GMAT as well as high level and advanced tests
www9raytakcom ENGLISH GRAMMAR - 2 - S t r a t e g y strategy text writing is a good exercise to detect work on and correct grammar errors Write about a strange or funny experience that you have undergone or that one of your friends or relatives has undergone in the past WRITING Free writing activity
www9raytakcom ENGLISH GRAMMAR - 3 - Verbs are defined as words that with nouns make a statement a command or a request or ask a question about someone or something I MOOD OF VERBS Verbs are divided into three moods A the indicative mood that indicates facts and realities John is a doctor Are the students in class Please forgive me B the imperative mood which is used to give orders Do your homework right now Dont smoke in class C the subjunctive mood is used for hypothetical or contrary to fact conditions Indicative Zineb exercises every day Subjunctive its necessary that Zineb exercise every day its necessary that Zineb Be on time its necessary that Zineb Were on time NB The subjunctive mood is always used in sentences introduced by expressions of influencing asking ordering and demanding such as With sentences that contain the words if or wish we always use the plural form of be were in the past never was Zineb wishes she were born in USA If I were you I would choose to go to Dallas V E R B S Verbs all tenses INFINITIVE Its necessary Its an obligation Its advisable Its essential Its urgent Its imperative Insist Demand Ask Request urge Recommend Advise Wish Beg need Be in the present BE THAT Be in the past WERE
www9raytakcom ENGLISH GRAMMAR - 4 - II CAUSATIVE VERBS Causative verbs are the verbs which are used to cause or force someone to do something The sentence has two subjects the main subject is not the doer of the action but he only causes the second subject to do the job The causative verbs are make have and get The teacher has Zineb review the lesson The teacher makes Zineb review the lesson The teacher gets Zineb to review the lesson NB Notice the different usage of to have used as a verb as an auxiliary and as a causative verb As a verb to possess Linda has some homework to do As an auxiliary perfect tense Linda has done her homework As a causative verb Linda has Zineb do her homework III SO TOO EITHER NIETHER Those four words are only used to avoid repetition So and too are used to avoid a positive repetition while either and neither avoid a negative repetition A Affirmative Zineb is a student John is a student Zineb studies very hard John studies very hard Zineb can help me John can help me HAVE MAKE GET TO INFINITIVE TO INFINITIVE Zineb is a student and John is too So is John Zineb studies very hard John does too So does John Zineb can help me John can too So can John
www9raytakcom ENGLISH GRAMMAR - 5 - A Negative Zineb isnt a student John isnt a student Zineb doesnt study very hard John doesnt study very hard Zineb cant help me John cant help me IV BE USED TO USED TO Be used to should always be followed by ING and it refers to actions that we have just been familiar or accustomed to doing them We didnt in the past Used to should be used with past time habits that we had in the past but that we no more do or have them now Clara is used to smoking cigarettes she didnt in the past but now she starts smoking Clara used to smoke cigarettes she had the habit of smoking in the past but now she stopped John isnt either neither is John John doesnt either neither does John Zineb isnt a student and Zineb doesnt study very hard and Zineb cant help me John cant either neither can John
www9raytakcom ENGLISH GRAMMAR - 6 - 1 While I was driving to work this morning Iabout my briefing a Think b Was think c Will think d Was thinking 2 first I went to the movie then Isome pizza a eat b will eat c ate d am eating 3 Before the firemen could extinguish the flames the house a Will already burn down b Was already burn down c Is already burn down d Had already burned down 4 When I was a child I always my homework a did b do c will do d have done 5 Before it was raining we the picnic a cancel b canceled c are cancel d cancels 6 I the taste of raw tomatoes ever since I was a little boy a like b am like c liking d have liked 7 I need to borrow some money because I to bring my wallet this morning a forget b am forget c will forget d forgot 8 While I was in college Ion most of my tests a cheat b have cheat c cheated d am cheating 9 You may leave now unless you to hear the same lecture again a wanted b want c are wanting d will be wanted 10 Just as I was walking into the classroom the bell a ring b ringing c rang d did rung 11 I will wait in the car while you in the store a shops b sopped c will be shop d shop 12 Before I could step on the brake I the dog a will hit b was hit c hit d have hit 13 Because it so much last night I was unable to play soccer a rain b rains c rained d raining 14 Just as I walked outside it to rain a started b starts c starting d is start 15 Before I mail this letter tomorrow I it a am reread b will reread c did reread d rereading 16 I was sitting in my car when a the storm start b starts the storm c the storm started d the storm is start 17 While you are taking the test tomorrow Iyour papers a read b am reading c will be reading d have read
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 18 the policeman shot the suspects before they a will surrender b could surrender c surrender d are surrender 1 Als doctor insistsfor a few days 9 The team really looks good tonight because the A that he is resting coach had them every night this week B his resting A practice C him to rest B to practice D that he rest C practiced D the practice 2 I dont like iced tea and A she doesnt too 10 would you mind please B either doesnt she A to answer the telephone C neither does she B answering the telephone D she doesnt neither C answer the telephone D to the telephone answering 3 We wish that you such a lot of 11 You your seats today if you want work because we know that you would have to go to the game enjoyed the party A had better to reserve A hadnt had B had to better reserve B hadnt C had better reserve C didnt have had D hadnt have D had to reserve better 4 Since your roommate is visiting her family 12 If it so late we could have coffee on the weekendyou like to have A wasnt dinner with us tonight B isnt A Will C werent B wont D not be C do D wouldnt 13 Your sister used to visit you quite often 5 Please photocopies of documents A didnt she A not to submit B doesnt she B do not submit C wouldnt she C no submit D wouldnt D not submit 14 If Bob with us he would have 6 Ibacon and eggs every morning had a good time A am used to eat A would come B used to eating B would have come C am used to eating C had come D used to eat D came 7 Frankly Id rather you anything 15 We were hurrying because we thought that the about it for the time being Bell A do A had already rang B didnt do B has already rang C dont C had already rung D didnt D have already ringing 8 Since they arent answering their telephone they
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 A must have left B should have left C need have left D can have left 1 I hadnt expected James to apologize but I 9 Would you please write on the had Hoped books A him calling me A dont B that he would call me B not to C him to call me C not D that he call me D to not 2 My husband lived at home before we were 10 The old man asked her to move because married and so he in that chair A did I A used to sit B had I B was used to it C I had C used to sitting D I did D was used to sitting 3 Does your new secretary shorthand 11 After the way she treated you if Iin A know to take your place I wouldnt return the call B know how to take A be C know how take B am D know how taking C was D were 4 Tommy had his big brotherhis 12 If Ithe flu I would have gone shoes for him with you A will tie A hadnt B tie B hadnt had C tied C didnt have D tying Dwouldnt have had 5 I wish that the weathernot so warm 13 Hes taken his medicine A was A hasnt he B be B didnt he C were C doesnt he D is D isnt he 6 His English teacher recommends that 14 Your mother and I are looking forward he a regular degree program you A begin A of seeing B begins B for seeing C will begin C to see Dis beginning D to seeing 7 Lets go out for dinner 15 It is imperative that you there in person A will we A be B dont we B will be C shall we C will D are we D are
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 8 Id the operation unless it is absolutely necessary A rather not have B not rather had C rather not to have D rather not having 1 The brakes need 9 The man who was driving the truck would not A adjusted admit that he had been at fault and B to adjustment A neither the other driver C to adjust B neither would the other driver D adjusting C neither had the other driver D the other driver neither 2 I wish that we with my brother when he flies to England next week 10 If itrain well have the party outside A could go A wouldnt B had gone B doesnt C will go C didnt D are going D wont 3 Are you sure Miss smith use 11 Excuse me but it is time to have your the new equipment temperature A knows to A taking B knows the B to take C knows how to C take D knows how D taken 4 Mary and John to the parties 12 Almost everyone fails the at the Student Union every Friday drivers test on the first try A used to go A passing B use to go B to have passed C are used to go C to pass D were used to go D in passing 5 You me because I didnt say that 13 Mike had hoped his letter A must misunderstand A her to answer B must be misunderstanding B that she answer C must have misunderstood C that she would answer D had to misunderstand D her answering 6 you rather sit by the window 14 I think that you had better A Dont earlier so that you can get to class on time B will A to start to get up C wouldnt B started getting up D wont C start getting up D to get up 7 His government insisted that he until he finished his degree 15 Todays weather isnt as cold as it was A should stay yesterday B shall stay A wasnt it C stayed B was it D stay C isnt it D is it 8 After he had researched andhis paper he found some additional material
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 that he should have included A wrote B written C writing D have written Pronouns are words which are used to substitute or replace nouns to avoid repetition emphasize or for other reasons We have four main types of pronouns Subject pronouns are used to replace the subject of a sentence the doer of the action while Object pronouns substitute for the object of the sentence receiver of the action The teacher helps John The doer of the action He helps him Possessive pronouns are used to show possession and ownership Thats my money Its not yours or hers Reflexive or emphatic pronouns are used only to emphasize that the subject of the sentence is the actual performer of the action They can never be used as the main subject of a sentence The president himself told me the truth SUBJECT PRONOUNS OBJECT PRONOUNS POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS I Me My mine Myself You You Your yours Yourself He Him His his Himself She Her Her hers Herself It It Its its Itself We Us Our ours Ourselves You You Your yours Yourselves PRONOUNS the action The receiver of the action Types of Pronouns
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 They Them Their theirs Themselves NB Subjective pronouns are used to replace the subject of the sentence while objective pronouns substitute for the receiver of the action which is the object Zineb visits Linda She visits her So when we want to use a subject pronoun we should look for the doer of the action in the sentence However to use an object pronoun we should search for the receiver of the action 1 The mother tooksick dog to the doctor a her b its c those d his 2 Where is book a me b an c these d my 3 I bought a new CD but now I cant find a them b they c it d him 4 Please give the new books to a him and I b he and I c me and he d him and me 5 The commanding officerwill inspect the barracks a themselves b himself c ourselves d itself 6 My mother lostkeys a hers b his c its d her 7 Give me that book Its a mine b himself c herself d ourselves 8 I dont want to be in a class with student who speaks Spanish all the time a others b other c another d some others 9 My wife hurt a himself b sheself c ourself d herself 10 The car I bought was a bargain a who b which c whom d what 11 Mind your own business This is an argument between a Joe and I b He and I c Him and I d Him and me 12 He gave bicycles for Christmas a My brother and I b My brother and me c I and my brother d Me brother and I 13 That is car a me b my c he d him 14 My father tookcar to the repair shop yesterday a her b his
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 c its d me 15 The girls did this report all by a herselves b theyselves c themselves d theirselves 16 I want to thank you for inviting my wife andto dinner a I b me c we d he
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 1 Tito was the only foreigner I saw 9 Do you know the woman was hurt at the convention in the accident A whom A which B which B whom C who C who D what D whose 2 They forgot about them to join us 10 I would like to leave a message for if for lunch I may A us to ask A they B us asking B them C our asking C their D we asking D theirs 3 Our host family always invites my roommate 11 A few of are planning to drive and to their house on Sundays Florida during spring break A me A who B my B us girls C I C girls we D mine D girls 4 Because they usually receive the same score 12 This is the woman the artist said on standardized examination there is often posed as a model for the painting disagreement as to is the better A who A who B whom B which C which C whom D whose D whose 13 Of those who took the exam with Jane and 5 I really appreciate to help me but I am I am the only one who studied sure that I will be able to manage by myself for it A you to offer A he B your offering B his C that you offer C him D that you are offering D himself 6 Let you and agree to settle our 14 Two of notebooks Tom had lost on differences without involving any of the the bus were returned to the main desk at his other students dormitory A I A what B myself B who C me C which D my D whose 7 If you had told us earlier he was 15 He didnt seem to mind TV we could have introduced him at the meeting while he Was trying to study A who A their watching B which B that they watch C whom C them watching D whoever D them to watch 8 I always ask my sister and for advice A her B she C hers D herself
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 I CARDINAL AND ORDINAL NUMBERS Cardinal numbers are used to give the number of things while ordinal numbers are used to give the exact order or classification of things A Zineb has two books B Zineb has the second book C Zineb has book two In sentence A the word two is used to show the number of the books However in both sentences B and C we have only one book but its the second one not the first or the third so the words the second and two are used only to show the order of this book II MODIFIERS AND DETERMINERS There are some modifiers that may be used only with count nouns nouns that may be counted and made plural There are some other modifiers that can be used only with non-count nouns nouns that can not be counted or made plural The third category are the modifiers that may be used with both types count and non-count nouns Modifiers Used with Count Nouns Modifiers Used with Non Count Nouns Modifiers Used with Both Count Nouns And Non Count Nouns Few a few Many A number of Each every both several Little a little Much A great deal of An amount of Not any no Some a lot of Plenty of Most all John needs some money He decided to ask some friends to give him few dollars I need plenty of money to buy a number of T- shirts and several blue Jeans N O U N S
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Exercise I Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words to complete the following sentences 1 Most people want a the freedom b many freedom c freedom d lots freedom 2 I want to buycigarettes a a b some c an d a few of 3 The teacher giveshomework a too much b many c lot d a 4 Please may I havecoffee a any b both c some d much 5 I lost money a all b my all c all of me d all of my 6 I want a picture ofelephants a the three b those three c them three d this three 7 There are cars in the parking lot a too much b some much c too many d some many 8 I boughtbook a some old b old c these old d an old 9 The police said they capturedrobbery suspects a both of b the both c one d both of the 10 To get 100 on the ECL test is extremely difficult students manage to do that a few b a few c some d many 11 I bought pies for the buffet a a b one c an d several 12 Tell students that they will take the test a all of five b the all five c all five d all the of five 13 The kids atecandy before supper a too many b some of c lot d too much 14 I bought roses for my mother a severals red beautiful b beautiful red several c beautiful several red d several beautiful red 15 I like studyingkind of exercise a this b these c those d many 16 People in some countries dont have a same freedoms b those freedom c the freedom d freedom 17 I dont likeexercises a this b these c those
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 d them
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Please go to pick up your ID card Its shame that you have time in New A third window York on the tour B the window three A so few C window third B so little D the third window C a few D a little May I have two instead of beans We havent had news from the disaster please since the earthquake A corns ear A many B ear of corns B quite a few C corn ears C much D ears of corn D some If you want to find good information about graduate programs in the United States look John F Kennedy was of the USA in of the College Blue Books A he thirty-five president A volume two B the thirty-fifth president B volume second C the president thirty-fifth C the volume two D president the thirty-five D a few dollar Lets buy our tickets while I still have Ill have a cup of tea and left A two toasts A a few money B two piece of toasts B a few dollar C two piece of toast C a few dollars D two pieces of toast D few moneys The assignment for Monday was to read in your text books A Chapter tenth 11 The ticket agent said that the plane would be B the chapter ten boarding at C chapter the tenth A the gate six D the tenth chapter B sixth gate C gate six I always put my best in a safe-deposit D the six gate box A jewelries B jewlrys pieces C pieces of jewelry D piece of jewelries I will need about the climate before I 14 The Chicago bus is parked at make a final decision A the lane two A a few informations B the two lane B a few information C lane two C a little informations D lane the two D a little information 15 We Sending express mail costs about ten A many s times as much as sending it regular delivery C many A mails D much homework B a mail C a piece of mail D pieces of a mail The ticket agent said that the plane would be boarding at A the gate six B sixth gate C gate six D the six gate The Chicago bus is parked at A the lane two B the two lane C lane two D lane the two We dont have tonight A many homeworks B much homeworks C many homework D much homework
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 I ARTICLES A and An are indefinite articles that should be used with count nouns CN but never with non-count nouns NCN John is a rich person CN He has money NCN to burn The is a definite article that may be used with count nouns and non-count nouns John is the rich person CN who has the money NCN to burn II SO TOO Both so and too are used to modify as well as intensify adjectives but so expresses the excess of something with the possibility of doing it while too shows also the excess of something but with the impossibility of doing it The coffee is so hot but I can drink it The coffee is too hot I cant drink it III COMPOUND NOUNS When a noun functions as the adjective of another noun its always in its singular form even when its plural My daughter has six years year a noun She is a six year girl year adjective of the noun girl MODIFIERS
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 1 She hasnt seen her family three years 9 The one in the window was expensive ago that I couldnt afford it A since A so B for B too C from C too much D before D very 2 Just put your coat in 10 We used to go skiing in Michigan every winter A the hall closet but I havent gone the past five seasons B the closet of the hall A from C the halls closet B for D hall closet C to D since 3 Bill came to work at the University thirty years 11 It is day that travel advisories have to day been issued for most of the major highways A since A such snowy B before B so snowy C from C such a snowy D ago D such snowy a 4 This drink tastes a little to me 12 Our reservation are for A strongly A sixth June B so strong B six June C strong C the sixth of June D too much strong D the six of June 5 I like these dishes but is a little too 13 They listened while the examiner small gave them the directions Part I A the tea cup C attentive B the cup of tea B attentively Cthe teas cup C attentiveness D tea cup for the tea D attention 6 My sister has a baby 14 The cookies that you sent over were that A two-months-old I ate them all B two-month-olds A very good C tow-months-olds B too good D two-month-old C so good D good 7 Jacobsons is one of the most expensive 15 You can give me a receipt if you want to your in the city word is for me A departments store A enough good B department stores B good as enough C departments stores C good enough D department stores D good than enough 8 I dont understand how John could have made in judgement A such big mistake B such a big mistake
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 C so a big mistake D so big mistake 1 Sam usually does his work very and 9 Could you please tell me the for well but today he seemed preoccupied Biology 457 and Chemistry610 A careful A rooms number B careful manner B room number C carefully C rooms number D care D room numbers 2 Besides being expensive the food in the 10 I think its to take a few more pictures Cafeteria tastes A enough light A badly B light as enough B too badly C light enough C too much bad D enough as light D bad 3 here since 1976 when her parents 11 Last Sunday was that we took moved from New York a drive in the country A Shes lived A so beautiful day B Shes living B such a beautiful a day C She was living C such a beautiful day D Shed live D so beautiful a day 4 Well get by train if we leave tonight 12 The conference was organized for all of the A fast enough there in the state B there fast enough A mathematic teachers C there enough fast B mathematics teachers D enough fast there C mathematics teacher D mathematics teachers 5 If the cab arrives you will miss 13 It is difficult to find a in the your flight Washington area for less than 1200 a month A lately A two-bedroom apartment B lateness B two-bedrooms apartment C more later C two-bedrooms apartments D late D two-bedroom apartments 6 It was that we went camping in 14 I am especially glad that Bob decided to the mountains last weekend come to the party because we had not seen A such nice weather him several months B so nice a weather A since C too nice weather B until B nice weather so C before D for 7 The homecoming football game will be 15 John and I like to watch the game on TV played on because we can see more than we could A two September from a seat in the stadium B the second of September A clear C September tow B clearness D the tow of September C clearly D clearer
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 8 Mary overslept and was late that she missed her bus A so B too Cmuch D very NB Never forget that those words should always be considered as one The same as Different from Alike Like Similar Similar To The same Not As Adj As As Adj As Not So Adj As My car is the same as yours but Johns car is different from ours The teacher is angry because our exams papers are alike Coordinate comparative is used when both things being compared are related to each other One depends upon the other When the first element is up the second one increases in parallel and vise versa The more you study the more you progress The earlier Zineb comes the sooner we will arrive COMPARATIVES
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 1 I will return your notes as soon as 8 This new soap is much the others coping them that I have tried A I will finish A different B I do finish B different that C I finish C different from D I be finished D different that 2 the worse I seem to feel 9 Ms Jones isnt as nice Ms Smith A When I take more medicine A as B The more medicine I take B for C Taking more of the medicine C like D More medicine taken D to 3 We will have to be careful not to get our 10 The rooms in graduate Towers are suitcases mixed up because yours is almost Patterson Hall the same mine A larger than A like B larger than that of B to C larger than those in C as D larger than in D that 11 Well be there as soon as we a 4 My new glasses cost me the last pair babysitter for our son that I bought A find A times three B found B three times more C have found C three times as much as D was found D as much three times as 12 They are my other neighbors 5 Although she is very popular she is not A more friendlier than her sister B friendly than A pretty as C friendly as B as pretty D friendlier than C prettier than D more pretty than 13 Tuition at American university runs six thousand dollars a semester 6 We are going to Florida as soon as A so high as taking our final exams B as high to A were finish C as high as B well finish D as high than C wed finish D we finish 14 I get to know her the more I like her 7 I would have paid for my car if the A For more salesman had insisted because I really B More wanted it C The more A as much twice D The most
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 B much twice C twice as much D times two Double negations and double questions forms are considered as a common mistake in English the reason why we should try our best to avoid them Where is the post-office please The post-office is near the hospital But we say I would like you to tell me Please tell me Please show I wonder I want to know EMBEDDED QUESTIONS Where the post-office is Affirmative
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 1We are considering buying a house in 9 We had a disagreement the bus was late Gainesville but we want to find out A because of there first B caused of A what the taxes are C because B what are the taxes D caused C the taxes what are D the taxes are 10 the light rain the baseball game will not be cancelled unless the other 2Betty moved from the dormitory team concedes the noise A despite of A because of B despite in B cause C In despite C because D despite D caused from 3 I didnt hear when he gave 11 I dont have any idea what for graduation us the assignment A does she want A what the professor says B she wants B that the professor said C she want C what the professor said D is she wanting D whish the professor says 4 He had to borrow a little money from his 12 We were both pleased honored to be brother he could finish guests of the president his education without working A also A so as B and B that C alike C so that D as D in order so 13 I wonder on sale 5 I wonder where A how much cost these shoes A he did go B how much do these shoes cost B did he go C how much these shoes cost C he went D how much are these shoes cost D went he 14 We moved to the front row we 6 Both Mary and Ellen Jane are could hear and see better studying nursing at New York University A so as A as well as B so that B well C such C as well to D such that D and well as
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 7 James plays not only on the basketball 15 Could you please tell me where squad A is the nearest bus stop located A but on the baseball team B the nearest bus stop is located B but on the baseball team also C is located the nearest bus stop C also on the baseball team D located is the nearest bus stop D but also on the baseball team 8 his wealth he is not spoiled A Despite of B In despite B In spite of D In spite 1 The data on the winter migration patterns 8 In office longer than any other president of the Monarch butterfly is very Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected A interested four terms B interest A while C interesting B from D of interest C of D for 2 The cost of a thirty-second commercial on a network television station is 300000 9 California more populous state for most businesses than any of its Western neighbors has A so much greater representation in the House B much A a C very much B it is a D much too much C that a D is a 3 In the ocean more salt in the deeper water 10 pine trees bear cones A is there A Virtually types B it may be B All types virtually of C there is C Virtually all types of D it is D Types all virtually 4 Aluminum is used in construction because 11 How many musical notes of the 11000 although it is light it can hold up to ninety tones that human ear can distinguish pounds of pressure per square inch in the musical scale without A it is A it cracks B is it B to crack C there are C cracking D are there D it will crack 12 The tendency to develop cancer even in high-risk individuals can be decreased 5 By the second year of production the price the amount of fruit and of a new piece of technology vegetables in the diet significantly A to increase A will decreased B for increase B has decreased C for increasing C will have decreased D by increasing D will has decreased 6 If endangered species 13 In spite of the fact that 85 percent saved rainforests must be protected Of all societies allow the men to take
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 A are to be more than one wife most prefer monogamy B be polygamy C can be A than D will be B to C for D that 7 A colony of ants is often observed in cooperative activity 14 The average spoken sentence in conversational A engaging English takes 25 Bto engages A for to complete Cengage B completing Dengages C to complete D by completing Do your best to respect time limit Use the grammar guidelines As cues to find out answers to difficult questions
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 PART A This section tests your ability to recognize language that is appropriate for written English grammar word order usage sentence structure and your understanding of an acceptable style of writing English 1 On the average a healthy heart to pump 8 The Pilgrimsseven thousand dollars At five tablespoons of blood with every beat 43 interest to make their journey in 1620 A must A lent B ought B borrowing C can C to lend D should D borrowed 2 Only twenty years ago most doctors agreed 9 Stained glass becomes even more beautiful when truthful with their terminally ill patients it because the corrosion diffuses Light a trend that has reserved itself in modern A will age medical practice B ages A dont to be C are aging B not to be D aged C we shouldnt been D not to been 3 The New English states have had 10 All of the senses smell must pass serious earthquakes since the Ice Age through intermediate gateways to be processed A none A until B not any B but C not C to D no D for 4 orangutans live alone 11 Some hybrid flowers retain the fragrant scent A Near all of the non hybrid and B Almost all A another C The all B the other D The most all C some other D others 5 More murders are reported December 12 North American Indian tribes used sign in the USA than during any other month language with tribes that spoke a A on different language or dialect B in A to communicating C at B to communicate D for C for communicated D for communicate 6 William Tory was one of the first educators 13 Adult eagles let their off springnests interesteda logical progression near their original nesting area of topics in the school curriculum A build A in establishing B builds B for establishing C building C establishing D to build D to establish 7 Nowadays microwaves are used for cooking 14 A cure for juvenile diabetes until telecommunications more funds are allocated to basic research A and to diagnose medically A wont develop B and medical B arent developing C and diagnosed medically C dont develop D and medical diagnosis D wont be developed
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 1 If the weather report calls for an 80 probability of rain it means theres it will pour a not much hope b very little chance c a good chance d no chance 2 Paulin a song a ask Art to join him b asked Art to join him c joined Art asking d asked to Art to join him 3 he was only an hour late dont be so upset a All after b Always after c Afterward d After all 4 If you promise angry with me Ill tell you what I broke a get not b not get c not to get d not getting 5 Geoffrey Chaucer occupies a place in English literature a most unique b unique c least unique d very unique 6 When you put up the shelf remember that nails are needed at each pressure point a one b any c a d several 7 They always give the available seats to comes first a whoever b whom c which d whomever 8 Our father always tended to put Katherine and on a pedestal a I b she c mine d me 9 Pennsylvania Avenue merchants formed a group to decide on a special street sale a Any b The c A d Its 10 My boss asked me to answer the phone to take all messages and some letters a to type b typing c type d typewrite 11 We havent seen her sister her a neithernor b eitheror c neitheror d eithernor 12 Nancy asked if she could some money for bus fare to get home a lend b loan c borrow d get from 13 Mr Lombardi a football coach always told his players that winningeverything a is b will be c was d would be 14 One of his favorite spiritual Songo is we Are Climbing a Jacobs Ladder b Jacob Ladder c the Jacobs Ladder d Jacobs Ladder 15 Does Betty object to for her every night a your waiting b that you wait c since you wait d for waiting 16 we must leave the party at exactly 900 well be late for work a for else b other c else
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 d otherwise 17 She plays the flute an expert a like b since c as d as if 18 Their parents andwent to the same church last weekend a me b I c myself d mine 19 Neither my brother ever been to Texas a or I have b nor I have c or me has d nor me have 20 At the bus stop a soldier and two young people on their way to North Carolina a were b was c is d sits and waits 21 If the maid comes have hermy shirts a washed b washing c to washing d wash 22 My wife and I smoke but we dont anymore a used to b are used to c use to do d used to do 23 The Welfare Reform Bill was segmented and then dividedthree different subcommittees of the Congress a from b with c between d among 24 Ellen Terri was the only girl who attracted any attention a Except b Unless c Besides d Accept 25 The children listened to the words of their grandfather a respectably b respect fully c respectively d respect 26 I have always enjoyed of books a the kind b this kinds c these kind d this kind 27 Of Mexico and Montreal the former is a larger b more c Largest d most 28 By the time you get to Dallas tomorrow I for South-east Asia a shall have left b will leave c am leaving d have already left 29 In order to proceed we must agreea plan of action a with b on c at d in 30 We had agood time a real b really c most d badly 31 Heather was born Lima August 71966 330 in the afternoon a atbyon b ininin c inonat d atatat 32 Alfred has been out of workthree days a by b since c in d for 33 If he had known how to repair the toaster he surelyher a would tell b would have told c will tell d tells 34 Is the bus station only twos blockshere a by
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 b from c to d away 35 That idiom should read I wouldnt touch it with apole a ten-foot b ten foot c ten feet d foot ten 36 If Jackie is as sick as you say shesee a doctor a better b had better c had rather d would rather 37 Irene New Hampshire in 1976 and in Virginia since then a leftworked b has lefthas worked c lefthas worked d has leftworked 38 Is it time for the game to begin No not a alreadyyet b yetyet c alreadyalready d Yet already 39 Ed promised that hefinish the work on time a will b can c shall d would 40 Francis has always enjoyedEnglish a studying b the study c to study d study 41 is full tonight a Some moon b Moon c The moon d A moon 42 practicing with the band this week a Has been Paul b Has Paul been c Has Paul d Paul been 43 The committee decided to award the trophy to Rob and a myself b I c my self d me 44 The detective thought the guilty party to be because I had the strongest motive a me b I c myself d mine 45 No one objected to Harrys presiding over the condominium owners meeting what everyoneobjecting to was his rudeness a were b have been c was a had been
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 1 A friend of his recommendedin this school a him to study b he studied c that he study d he studies 2 Q Did you have a good trip here A If I I wouldnt be so tired now a had had b did c had d would 3 No sooner the phone rang a did I close the door when b I closed the door than c had I closed the door when d had I closed the door than 4 Her advisor arrangedthe course for a grade of pass fail a her to take b for her to take c that she takes d she take 5 information was given to the passengers and they were angry at being kept uninformed a A little b A few c little d few 6 Thepeople use fossil fuels the better its for the environment a fewer b less c few d little 7 No matter what we do now its apparent that the population of the earthconsiderably larger by the middle of the next century a will have been b will be c be d is 8 In none of the travel booka reference to this monument a I read did I find b did I read I find c did I read did I find d I read I found 9 Theyif the weather had been better a might stay b might have been stayed c might had stayed d might have stayed 10 A money was spent on the project than had been planned a great many more b quite a bit c great deal more d d lot of 11 Q did you have a car when you first came here A No I wish I I would have seen a lot more a did b had had c had d would have 12 their older sisters and mothers who often had children late many young women say they would like to raise their children first and then go to work a Whereas b In contrast c Despite d Unlike 13 Regardless ofRussian for years she was unable to speak it a she studied b her studying c her having studied d that she studied 14 His doctor said it was essentialto take the medicine regularly a that he not forget b that he dont forget c that he didnt forget d not forgetting 15 Q do you have tickets to that concert A No I wish I It sounds like its going to be great a had b had had c would have
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 d did 16 Unfortunately she wasnt accepted to the school she wanted to go to If sheshe would be much happier now a were b had c had been d was 17 When I was young I always wished that I a younger brother or sister a had had b had c have had d would have had 18 Korean families are similar to Japanese families in regard to a they are both traditional b the importance of tradition c the former is traditional and the latter is also d their similarities 19 The student government made a proposal that a studentto choose whether to take a course for a letter grade or for pass fail a allow b allows c be allowed d is allowed 20 If you had done what you were supposed to do wein the situation were in a wouldnt have been b wouldnt be c werent d hadnt been 21 She wouldnt have done what she did if sheso intelligent a were b was c had been d would have been 22 By the time you get here I think heall of the work a will finish b has finished c will have finished d will be finishing 23 people signed the petition but not enough to stop the building from being torn down a Few b Little c A few d A little 24 If theya contract at the beginning they might not be involved in this court battle a signed b would have signed c had signed d would sign 25 Not untilthe articlethat he had won the contest a did I readdid I realize b I readI realized c did I readI realized d I readdid I realize 26 I wish theythat noise Its driving me crazy a had stopped b stopped c ll stop d d stop 27 Q Are you going to visit you parents A I wish Ibut I have too much work to do a would be b would c were d was 28 By the time hehis studies hehere for five years a Will finishwill have lived b will finishwill have been lived c finisheswill have been living d finisheswill have lived
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 PART B Each problem in Part B consists of a sentence in which four words or phrases are underlined The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked a b c d You are to identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten Then on your answer sheet find the number of the problem and mark your answer 1 The part of Northfield thata interested them mostb werec the two colleges they visitedd 2 I want that new car but which a is too b expensive for me c at present d 3 Is Brazil largest a country in b South America in area c and in population d 4 They a too b want there c names on the programs of the d concert 5 Paula doesnt want a to attend b the seminar and c Sheila doesnt too d 6 Sue always drove a more carefully b as c Richard when the weather was d bad 7 I saw a the boy playing b in the yard c with the red scarf d 8 Now that a the newspaper arrived b we can see c the scores of the d tennis matches 9 As far as Im concerned a Wyoming is clearly b the morec beautiful stated in the United States 10 Penny has a always b enjoyed looking the flowers c and walking d through the park 11 Carsons trailer had broken a so b he c and Polly stayed in a motel the whole d time 12 After planning the movea to Connecticut forb months Gene realized itc wasnt what he wantedd 13 Richie wonta let his sister play with his toy because b he is afraid ifc she will forgetdto return it 14 The teller over therea she is the thin ladybis the onec to see to opend a special checking account 15 Crying all the whilea she took d her dog to c the pet hospitald 16 Everyone who is froma Boston and everyone whob has ever been there have heardd of the Church 17 The eighth month of the yeara is augustb so namedc afterd the Roman emperor Augustus 18 My sister- in- law a has just recently b bought a red new c car to replace d her old one 19 The best times a to visit b New England are c in spring summer or in d fall 20 That was me a whom b you saw c on d the train 21 Im tired after such a a long day so b I think Ill c lay d down and take a nap 22 Mom can a I go b to the movies c with Sally this afternoon d 23 They rose a their hands above b their heads when the teacher asked them c to raise d them 24 When a she came in b she immediately sat c the package on d the nearest 25 Peter as well a as his two b sisters Sandra and Emily are c left-handed d
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 26 Neither a rain nor b sleet nor snow keep c the mailman from d his appointed rounds 27 Its a very pleasant staying b at this hotel its c clean comfortable and inexpensive d 28 It was me a at b the door when c you were taking d a bath 29 If a her father would have lived b three more days hec would have been d 100 years old 30 Living a as though b she was c rich Jan bought overly d expensive clothes 31 To slowly chew a ones b food is not only c a polite but also d a healthy habit 32 The Johnson should of a been here by nowb I cant understand whatsc keeping them d 33 Before Winnie visited a her granddaughters b home she sent c her a gift in the mail d 34 In a 1957 Sputnik the first man-madeb satellite was being launchedc from d Russia 35 When people are carefula to keep theirb cars in good repair one isc rewarded by goodd service 36 Frank and Cathy are traveling a in the Europe b now They plan c to visit d Germany 37 You arenta the only one whob feels c that way about John a lot of people loves d him 38 We swam a in the Levys pool then brang b our cups to c the table and drank d coffee 39 The results a of this election are more b difficult to predict from c the last one d 40 Sarah said she hearda someoneb in the attic but when we looked we didntc find someoned 41 Howard Cosell the sports announcer says a he always tells b it like c it d is 42 Although there are a approximately b 120 intensive language institutes in c the United States in 1970 there are more than three times as many now d 43 Cartographers did not make an accurate map because the political situation in the area changes a so b rapidly that they were not able to draw c the boundaries correctly d 44 Today designers are showing verya bright colors that wereb shorter thanc those d shown last year 45 Everyone who a saw Star Wars said that it is b one of the best c science fiction movies that had ever been d released 46 If there were no alternative a we willb try to getc enough peopled interested to charter a bus 47 Before he retired last April a Mr Thompson is working b as foreign student advisor for thirty years c at d Community College 48 When he tried to make a a reservation he found that the hotel that he wants b was
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 completely c filled because of d a convention 49 The secretary thought that she will a have to wait b until tomorrow to send the letters because the mail had already gonec but her boss suggested that she taked them to the post office 50 Although Emily Dickinson publishes a only b three of her verses before she died today there are c more than d one thousand of her poems printed in many important collections 51 Between one thing and anothera Anna doesb not get through withc her term paperd last Friday 52 Dew usually a disappeared b byc seven oclock in the morningd when the sun comes up 53 She was among the few a whob want c to quit smokingd instead of cutting down 54 It is an accepted custom a for b guests to take c their gifts to the wedding reception when the couple invited d them to attend 55 I thought that they are a arriving at the airport b today but so far no one from their embassy has c called to confirm d the time 2004 farahat
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Active Voice The verb form that indicates that the subject of the sentence is doing the action expressed by the verb Linda cooked the meal Adjective A word that describes or modifies the meaning of a noun pronoun or noun phrase Little boys Hot water A big car Adverb A word that qualifies or describes the meaning of a verb an adjective or another adverb it can tell how where when how often or to what degree Softly now here frequently rapidly slowly Articles limiting adjectives The is definite a and an are indefinite The teacher specific and definite A teacher anyone Auxiliary Verb A verb that accompanies the main verb of a clause or a sentence and helps express its tense mood or voice I am hungry Sara could not help you Collective nouns The name of a collection group or set of persons places things etc Team jury audience United States Colon A mark that indicates that something often a list is to follow The new Fords are available in the following colors red green blue etc Comma A mark that indicates a short pause and a separation of ideas or elements in a phrase clause or sentence Yes Jane youll need food clothing and money Comparative Describing the degree of comparison of adjectives or adverbs that relates two items She spoke louder and more distinctly than her brother did Complement A word or a phrase that completes the meaning of the verb in a clause or sentence The construction of the predicate can be completed by the complement She is a manager This winter will be long and cold He asked if he could miss practice today Complex sentence A sentence with one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses When the snow melts we will plant crops Well plant crops when the snow melts Compound Referring to two equal elements that have been joined in a sentence Compound subject Harry and Al own a restaurant Compound verb they live and work here Compound adjective gig red two-door car Compound sentence she is an optometrist and he is an optician Conjugation A systematically arranged listing of all the forms of a verb corresponding to tense voice mood number person and gender Conjunction A word that connects or joins two or more words or ideas showing the relationship between them Hassan and Zouhair are old but they are lively and young in heart Conjunctive adverb
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 A word that modifies the clause that it introduces and that joins two independent clauses It functions as both adverb and a conjunction Nadia didnt finish her botany course instead she took a job and moved to Los Angeles Consonant Any of the 26 letters of the alphabet except a e I o and u they function as subordinates to the vowels Coordinate conjunction A conjunction that connects two equal and identically constructed parts And but for or nor yet Correlative conjunction A conjunction that connects items of equal rank and similar form that are used in pairs It shows their reciprocal or complementary relationship Neither Hassan nor Zouhair is here Not only Hassan but also Zouhair is here Countable nouns Nouns that can be totaled numbered or counted These nouns accept a plural form A book ten books Dependent clause A clause that can not stand alone as a sentence it depends on the independent clause it expresses an incomplete thought Dependent clauses are introduced by words such as that who since although because etc Direct object The word or phrase that directly receives the action of the verb and that answers the question what Who The dog bit the man Bit what Fragment A word or a group of words that is not a complete sentence A sentence fragment is usually a word phrase or clause thats incorrectly used or placed thus causing confusion In the sentence below crying is a fragment since the reader does not know whether it describes SHE or FLUFFY Crying she held her kitten fluffy Gender The classification of words according to the divisions of sex masculine feminine and neutral Hyphen A mark - that connects two parts of a word De-escalate ninety-two Imperative The mood of a verb that expresses a command or request The subject of an imperative mood sentence is often you understood but not written Stop where you are Wake up Independent clause A clause that can stand alone independently as a sentence it expresses a complete thought Indicative The mood of a verb that indicates that the action or condition expressed by the verb is fact Im here John drives fast Indirect object The word or phrase that indirectly receives the action of the verb and that answers the question to whom I paid her the money paid to whom Infinitive A verbal a form of a verb using to The infinitive is most often used as a noun but it can serve as an adjective or adverb as well To dance was her dream I stayed after school to help They needed permission to continue Interjection An expression of strong sudden emotion or feeling an exclamation Wow Woops Linking verbs A verb that connects a subject with a predicate adjective or predicate nominative the most common linking verb is be other examples include appear seem look I feel good They are runners Mood A form used to express a verbs factuality or the likelihood of the action or condition the three moods are imperative indicative and subjunctive Negative Describing a word phrase or sentence that denies contradicts or negates the opposite of affirmative No I wont go Shes not here She doesntdidnt like the show Nominative The case of a noun or pronoun that is used as a subject or predicate nominative This case is called subjective Noncountable nouns Nouns that are abstract in quality or quantity that is that cannot be totaled numbered or counted They dont accept a plural form Coffee love intelligence Noun
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 The name of a person place thing idea quality activity and etc nouns are used as subjects objects of verbs objects of prepositions or appositives Man city screwdriver democracy Noun phrase A group of words that functions as a noun The new clinic is trying to provide a viable health care delivery system Object The word or phrase that identifies the person place thing etc affected by the predicate in a clause or that follows and is governed by a preposition The man in uniform took our tickets Objective The case of a noun or pronoun that is used as the object of a verb or preposition The woman in the grey suit sold me This Participle A verbal a form of a verb used as an adjective The spoken word a singing parrot Passive voice The verb form that indicates that the subject of the sentence is receiving the action or effect that is expressed by the verb The water was boiled The door knob is broken Past participle The principal part of a verb that indicates past or completed action or effect With an auxiliary the past participle forms the perfect tenses alone it functions as an adjective The book written has become a best seller Period A mark That indicates a completed thought such as at the end of a sentence or after an abbreviation Periods used with numbers are called decimals Dr AM 3142 Person The form of pronouns that distinguishes among the speaker I WE the person or item spoken to you and the person or item spoken about HE SHE IT THEY These three divisions are called 1st 2ndand 3rd person respectively Phrase A group of related words without a subject or predicate Phrases must be used in sentences attached to other words they cannot stand alone Telling a story at 5 oclock Around the corner Positive Describing the degree of adjectives and adverbs in which they are simple and not compared Also occasionally a synonym for affirmative when speaking of answers responses and sentences Possessive The case of a noun or pronoun that indicates ownership or possession Apostrophes are added to nouns and indefinite pronouns to show possessive case Zinebs dolly - my weapon Predicate The word or phrase that expresses the action or being of a subject or that tells what a subject does Predicates tell something about subjects The predicate consists of a verb and any of its auxiliaries or modifiers Many people use the word synonymously with verb Predicate nominative the completion of the thought of a linking verb through identification of the subject He is a spy Those are sheep Vowel In English 5 letters are considered as vowels a-e-I-o-u and two as semivowels w-y Preposition A word that links a pronoun noun or noun phrase with the rest of the sentence usually describing time place or relationship Of through in with on under in on at Present participle the principle part of a verb that is usually called the progressive form It indicates continuous or present action With an auxiliary it forms the progressive tenses alone it functions as an adjective Smiling he opened the door The parking lot is over there Pronoun A word used in the place of a noun or noun phrase usually to avoid repetition pronouns designate nouns without naming them Hassans relatives thought they had more time Proper noun The actual name of a person place etc Proper nouns always capitalized Paul Adams - Mississippi River Question mark A mark That indicates an inquiry interrogation or direct question Its placed At the end of a question Where are we Quotation marks Marks that indicate the beginning and the end of someone elses exact spoken or written words She said you will have to go Reflexive
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Referring to verbs whose objects directly and identically reflect their subjects The child fed her self The player injured himself Relative pronoun A pronoun that introduces a dependent clause and that refers to some antecedent Stan Lee is the cartoonist whom I mentioned Semicolon A mark that indicates a longer pause than a comma but a shorter pause than a period semicolons are used between independent clauses that are not joined by coordinate conjunctions and between independent clauses that are joined by conjunctive adverbs Linda lives in Bosnia her mother lives in morocco We met again today however we reached no agreement Sentence A group of related words with a subject and predicate that expresses a complete thought it begins with a capital letter and ends with a period question mark or exclamation point Accept Except Accept a verb meaning to receive Something or to agree to something Except a preposition meaning leaving out He was chosen to accept the gift Adapt Adopt Adapt you adapt something when you change it or adjust it to fit or work in a new situation Adopt you adopt something when you take it over completely without any change or adjustment The immigrant adapted his habits to the life in USA The congress adopt the proposal without modification Affect Effect Affect frequently used as a verb meaning to influence Effect is most frequently used as a verb meaning result The use of effect as a verb meaning to bring out is rare The climate affects the life of people everywhere The war had a far-reaching effect on the entire people Already All ready Already is an adverb of time meaning previously All ready means all prepared When I arrived he had already left When I arrived I found them all ready for the meeting Altogether All together Altogether is an adverb of degree meaning completely All together means exactly what the two words indicate-all the persons in a group He was altogether unprepared for the assignment We found the team all together in the locker room Among Between Among is used when more than two persons or things are involved Between is used when only two persons or things are involved Sue Joe and Ed shared the expenses among them Jane and Joan shared the expenses between them Amount number Amount used for things or ideas that cannot be counted and is usually followed by a singular noun money talent courage Number is used for things that can be counted I needed a large amount of money I needed a large number of dollars to pay my bills Around About Around is correctly used to indicate direction in a circle around an object About should be used when number or size is indicated They walked around the house There were about 50000 fans in the stadium As Like As only as can introduce a clause Like like cannot serve as e conjunction to introduce a clause it is the most frequently used as a preposition meaning similar to Wrong this cereal tastes good like a cereal should Correct this cereal tastes good as a cereal should Many pairs of words for one reason or another are frequently confused or misused It may be that they look alike or sound alike or it may be that they are similar in meaning but have widely differing suitable contexts
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Correct he wanted everyone to be like him Avenge Revenge Avenge is used where the intention is to right a wrong there is a moral involved Revenge involves inflicting punishment in return for insult of injury thus receiving personnel satisfaction He set out to avenge the wrong done by his father In the feud between the families the McCoys set out to revenge the death of one of their number Beat Bet Beat means to defeat Bet means to wager or to gamble something of value on the result of a game Frank beat jack in straight sets in their tennis match I bet 5 dollars that Hassan would outrun Jack Beside Besides Beside means at the side of Besides means in addition He came over to sit beside me There were 9 others present besides Joe Borrow lend Borrow means to be on the taking end of the transaction Lend means to be on the giving end of transaction Please let me borrow 10 dollars to you Ill be glad to lend the 10 dollars to you Both each Both refers to two objects taken together Each refers to one or more objects taken individually Both my pens cost 10 dollars Each of my pens cost 5 dollars Bring Take Bring is used when the movement in the sentence is towards the speaker or the writer Take is used when the movement in the sentence is away from the speaker or the writer Bring the pencils to me please Take these books to the principals office Can May Can indicates the knowledge or ability to do things May is used when permission is sought to do something most frequently in the form of a question I can tie a slip knot May I have the car tonight Capital capitol Capital a city where a national or state government is located Capitol a building where the governing body meets London is the capital of England The capitol is located in Washington DC the capital of the United States Continual Continuous Continual a repeated thing often with stops in between Continuous something that goes on without interruption The game was continually interrupted by shows The sun shone continuously for 8 hours Counsel council Counsel refers to a lawyer or a consultant who gives advice As a verb it means to give advice Council is a group of people brought together to discuss and or take action on a given matter Jorge was counsel to the investigating commission The city council met to discuss the problem Disinterested uninterested Disinterested refers to someone who has nothing to gain personally from a particular activity He may be very much interested concerned in the matter Uninterested someone lacking interest or concern in activities The umpire was a disinterested participant in the game The student was uninterested in this work of the class Dumb Stupid Dumb properly means not having the power of speech as in deaf and dumb Stupid means not having normal intelligence The dumb man uses sign language to communicate The mute was not stupid by any means Emigrate immigrate Emigrate means to leave one country permanently to settle in another one does so is an emigrant Immigrate means to enter a new country to settle there one does so is immigrant The family decided to emigrate from their country The persecuted family immigrated to the United States to begin a new life in freedom Fever Temperature Fever is an abnormally high body temperature generally a symptom of some kinds of illness Temperature is the degree of heat of a persons body Dont use temperature when you mean fever Does the patient have a fever everyone has a body temperature The baby ran a high fever because of the injection His temperature was a normal 37 Celsius Fewer less Fewer is used for things that can be counted Less is used for things or ideas that cannot be counted Note that less is usually followed by a singular noun fewer by a plural noun The number of accidents is fewer than we thought We enjoyed less freedom this year than last Flaunt Flout
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Flaunt means to show something off boldly and conspicuously in an offensive way Flout means to show scorn for something usually an established custom or rule The man flaunted his wealth by driving expensive cars The man flouted tradition by walking under a ladder Hanged Hung Hanged a specific kind of execution that has taken place Hung something that has been suspended from an object The murderer was hanged The picture was hung on the hook attached to the wall Healthy healthful Healthy refers to a condition of people Healthful anything that helps to produce or maintain health The doctor found the patient to be healthy The doctor recommended lots of healthful exercise Imply Infer Imply indicates that the speaker or the writer is making a hint or suggestion Infer indicates that the audience took the hint or suggestion made by the speaker which drew a conclusion from it I mean to imply that he didnt get the job done I infer from your remarks that he was lazy In Into In is used to indicate that something is already at a place Into is used to indicate that someone or something is moving from the outside to the inside of a place The dog is in the living room The dog dashed into the living room from the kitchen Latest Last Latest means the most recent in a series Last means final John was happy with his latest scores He appeared on TV for the last time before his retirement Learn Teach Learn indicates that knowledge or behavior is being acquired Teach indicates that knowledge or behavior is being provided He tried to learn how to speak softly I tried to teach him how to speak softly Liable Likely Likely indicates probability that something will happen Liable is used in two ways I can indicate legal responsibility it can also indicate an undesirable possibility He is likely to receive the medal If you drive too quickly you are liable to a fine If you dont study you are liable to fail the course Lie Lay Lie it never takes an object it means to rest or recline The principal parts of lie are lielaylainlaying Lay always takes an object and means to put down to place the principal parts of lay are laylaidlaidlaying I need to lie down He will lay himself on a bed to rest Myself Me Myself can be used for emphasis or it can be used as the object of an action verb with I as the subject never use myself when I or me should be used I myself will attend to this matter I hit myself in the hand Wrong he gave the awards to Frank and myself Correct he gave the awards to Frank and me Wrong Frank and myself will get the awards Correct Frank and I will get the awards Persecute Prosecute Persecute means to oppress a person or a people deliberately Prosecute means to take court action against someone Dictatorships persecute minority groups that oppose the government The police decided to prosecute the drug dealer Pour Spill Pour means to cause a liquid to flow deliberately Spill means to cause a liquid to flow accidentally or unintentionally The hostess was embarrassed when she spilled the coffee for her guests dress The hostess poured coffee for her guests Practical practicable Practical refers to something that can be made to serve a useful purpose Practicable refers to something that can be made to operate but that may not be practical He found it practicable to extract gold from ocean Precede Proceed Precede means to come or go before something or someone Proceed means to go on particularly after an interruption J Carter preceded R Reagan as president of the USA The speaker proceeded after being interrupted twice Principal Principle Principal can denote the head of a school Or it can be used as an adjective meaning the main or the most important Principle may be used to indicate a law or a rule of conduct The principal addressed the teachers and the parents He was the principal speaker at the graduation exercises We are dedicated to the principle that all men are created equal Quite Quiet Quite an adverb meaning completely or very Quiet used only as an adjective meaning still or calm
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 He was quite angry when he lost the game After his fit of temper he became quiet Raise Rise Raise means to lift or bring up something or someone Rise means to get up or go up it does not take an object The guard raised his rifle when he heard a sound He rises in the morning when the sun rises Rob Steal Rob one is said to rob a person or an institution such as a bank by taking property or valuables from it Steal one is said to steal an object such as personal property or valuables from someone or some institution The criminal was caught while trying to rob the bank The criminal tried to steal the mans wallet Set Sit Set means to put something in a certain place Sit means to be seated The delivery boy set the packages on the kitchen floor Please sit in this chair Stand Stay Stand you stand when you are on your feet Stay you stay when you remain at a given place He stood all the way home in the bus He stayed at the stadium until the game was over Stationary Stationery Stationary means not moving or still Stationery to write paper envelopes and other office supplies The quiet animal was an excellent target for the hunter John bought his notebooks at the stationery store
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 1 Expressing a personal opinion In my opinion view estimation The way I look at it I see it It seems to me that It appears to me that If you ask me My conclusion my assessment is that In my judgment From my point of view I have a feeling that Its my feeling that Its my impression that 2 Asking for someones Opinion Whats your opinion of How do you feel about What do you think about From your point of view In your view How do you assess 3 Expressing Agreement Youre absolutely definitely right Thats what I think how I feel I believe Definitely I agree with Mr Smith on this I support Mr Smiths plan because I can go along with that proposal I can buy that 4 Expressing Disagreement Direct I dont agree with this idea Thats not how I see it I cant go along with this conclusion I cant accept that interpretation I disagree with that suggestion Softened more Polite I respect your opinion but I think Im not sure if I agree with you completely on I understand what youre saying but Yes That may be true but my feeling is that You have a point but I dont think that 5 Soliciting agreement disagreement Does everyone agree with Mr Parker Do you agree with my assessment of the situation Do you go with Mr Harris on this point Do you accept this view Does anyone disagree with this idea Can you go along with this proposed action Mr Lewis we havent heard from you yet 6 Expressing doubt I have a hard time believing that Are you sure about that I have my doubts about that Im skeptical of that conclusion That remains to be seen Im not convinced The jury is still out on that one 7 Seeking clarification Could you clarify that for me Could you run that by me again Could you add to that Could you please elaborate Im not exactly sure what you mean I dont follow you LANGUAGE FUNCTIONS FOR GROUP DISCUSSIONS The following phrases should be kept handy whenever your class is involved in a group discussion Integrate these phrases into your speech whenever practical They will enable you to participate more fully in conversations and will allow you to do so in ways that are culturally acceptable
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 8 Sharing a personal experience Let me share a personal experience I was on a similar situation once I remember a similar situation I faced the same problem when In my experience Its been my experience that Let me interject an anecdote here 9 Interrupting May I interrupt for a moment Id like to interject a comment here Do you mind if I say something If I may Id like to express my viewpoint May I add something to that Can I butt in here for a moment informal 10 Keeping the floor Please allow me to continue Please let me finish Could you hold that thought for a moment Id be glad to hear your side after Im finished If you dont mind Id like to finish 11 Paraphrasing restatement In other words To put it another way Let me restate that Let me rephrase that Let me put that another way Do you mean that Are you suggesting that 12 Confirming the listeners understanding Am I asking myself clear have you got that Do you follow me Okay Any questions Are you still with me You know 13 Offering suggestion I have an idea about May I make a suggestion One solution might be Perhaps we could 14 Avoiding answers Id prefer not to discuss that Thats a hard question for me to answer I feel uncomfortable answering that question If you dont mind Id rather not answer that Id rather not say 15 Getting a conversation back on track Thats an interesting point comment suggestion Lets wait though until we begin talking about How does this comment question relate to the topic at hand Lets not get sidetracked 16 Summarizing Let me summarize what we have covered Lets quickly review what weve talked about so far Lets briefly go over what weve discussed In short To sum things up In summary
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Words Meaning Translation French Abandon Give up for good Abandonner Accept Agree to take or receive Accepter Accomplish Successfully complete Accomplir According to As stated or reported by someone Selon Accumulate Gather together collect pile up Rassembler Acquire Obtain get Obtenir Additional More extra Suplmentaire Adjust Regulate change to make correct Rgler Admire Respect Admirer rspcter Advance Go forward improve move ahead Sameliorer Advertisement Commercial Publicit Afford Have enough money to be able to buy something Pouvoir financier A great deal A lot of Beaucoup Alert Warn tell someone about a danger Alerter Alike The same similar Semblable All in all Every thing considered En gnral All of a sudden Quickly suddenly without warning Soudainement Alter Change make different Changer Although Even though however nevertheless in spite of Malgr meme si Amount to Add up to total Donner le total Amusement Fun entertainment Amusement Apologize Say youre sorry Se pardonner Appetite Feeling of hunger desire to eat Apptit Appreciate Enjoy Apprecier Approach Get closer to come near Sapprocher Approve Agree to say something is OK Approuver Approximately Around about nearly Presque Argue Say youre for or against something Discuter Arrange Organize put in order Arranger Arrive Come to a place reach Arriver Artist Person who paints pictures sings Artiste Assemble Put together gather Rassembler Assignment job duty responsibility Responsabilit At last Finally Finalement Attack Start a fight with Attaquer Attract Pull or draw back toward Attirer Available Ready to be used on hand Valable Average Typical Moyenne Avoid Keep or stay away from Eviter Baggage Luggage Baguage Battle A fight between armies fighting combat Bataille Be determined Decide firmly make up ones mind Decider Be used to ing Be accustomed to have the habit of Avoir lhabitude de Behave Conduct oneself Se conduire Believe so Think so guess so Croire Benefit Help be of aid to be helped Dans linteret de denefice Besides Also in addition to En plus de Bill Piece of paper that tells how much money one must pay Facturer Blade Sharp part of a knife or a razor Lame Blinking A light going on and off Signal Block Group of houses Bloc
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Boil Water at 100c bubble actively Bouillir Boring Dull not interesting Ennuyeux Borrow Use something that belong to someone else Empreinte Brave Not afraid of danger Courageux Brief Short Brve Bright Shining Brillant Bring up Mention talk about Rapporter Broadcast Transmit or send out a radio signal or TV signal Transmettre Bumpy Rough not smooth Dfonce Busy Occupied Occupe Cab Taxi Taxi Calm Relaxed not excited at ease still Calme Capacity Amount which something holds or contains Capacit Career Lifes work or profession Carrire Cashier Person who handles money in stores banks Caissier Cause Make something happen be the reason for Causer Caution Care Attention Challenge Difficult thing to do dare Lancer un dfi Chance Opportunity Chance Change Coins Monnaie Change your mind Decide not to do something or to do something different Changer les ides Charge Cost price rate Prix charge Check out Leave a hotel examine something Dpart examine Check up Routine physical examination Contrle Choice selection Choix Choose pick out select Choisir Clear up become clear or sunny Sclaircir Clerk person who works in an office bank secrtaire Climate average weather Climat Climb go up Monter Close to near Prs Cloudy covered with clouds overcast Nuageux Coins metal money Pices montaires Collect gather together Rassembler Community group of people in the same place Socit communaut Complete whole entire Compltement Complicated difficult to understand Compliqu Composed of made up of Compos de Concentrate on pay or give full attention to Se concentrer Concerning about in regard to Concernant Constantly always continuously Toujours Constitution regulation law Rgle loi Construct build put together Construire Contain have or hold inside keep within Contenir Container something used to hold liquids solids etc like box or bottle Centenaire Continuously constantly all the time without stopping Toujours Contract become smaller reduce in size Rduire Convenient easy to get or to use handy Convenable Convert change Changer Convince persuade Convaincre Cool a little cold opposite of warm Frais Cooperate work together work like Cooprer Copy not the original but like the original Photocopie Critical serious important Important Crush make smaller by pressing Ecraser Cut in interrupt interrompre
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Damaged broken in bad condition Abmer Data facts information Information Decrease become smaller or less reduce Dmineur Defective faulty not working properly out of order malfunction Malfonctioner Defend protect yourself against an enemy Dfendre Definitely certainly surely Nettement Delay hold up make someone late postpone put off Reporter Delicious having a good taste or smell Dlicieux Demonstrate show someone how to do something Dmonter Depart leave go away Partir Department section part division Division Depend on rely on count on Conter sur Deposit put money in the bank Dposer Design plan arrangement of shape color drawing Plan Dessert something sweet Dessert Destroy damage completely wreck Dtruire Dime 10 cent coin Pice de 10 centimes Dirty not clean Sale Disagree not agree have different opinions Etre en dsaccord Disassemble take apart Dtacher Disregerd pay no attention to ignore Ngliger Dissatisfied not satisfied not pleased unhappy Mcontent Distance how fat space between two places Distance Distribute give out hand out Distribuer Dizzy head going round Etourdi Doubt think something is not true not believe be unsure of Doute Dozen group of twelve things Douzaine Drugstore place to buy medicine or other things pharmacy Pharmacie Education learning schooling Education Efficient working quickly and effectively working well Efficace Employ hire give a job Employer Employee worker Employ ouvrier Encounter meet run into Rencontrer Enough sufficient adequate Suffisant Entire while all complete Compltement Escape get away get free Svader Especially particularly Spcialement Eventually sooner or later finally in the end En fin Exactly precisely Prcisment Excess too much more than needed extra exceed Excs Exercise do activity with your body Entranement Exhausted worn out very tired Fatigu Expect to intend to plan to suppose Supposer Experience skill gained by doing and seeing things Exprience Expert a person who knows a lot about a subject Expert Explosion loud noise loud bang Explosion Extend make longer enlarge Elargir Extra additional more than needed Supplmentaire Extreme at the farthest end of something Extrme Fact true information Ralit Factory place where products are made Usine Fare cost price Prix Fatal causing death resulting in death Fatal Favorite one you like best Prfrer Fever body temperature high than normal Fivre Few not many Peu
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Fiction not true imaginary Fiction Figure number Numro Find out get the information learn discover Dcouvrir Finish complete Finir First aid medical help Premier secours Fix repair Rparer Flat tire tire without air puncture Crevaison Flexible able to bend easily Flexible Fluctuate change vary move up and down Changer Fog clouds near the ground thick mist Brouillard Follow come or go behind Suivre Foreing outside your country Etranger Forest a lot of trees Foret Freeze change into ice be very cold Congeler Frequently often Frquemment Fresh new recently produced obtained or grown Frais Frighten scare make afraid cause fear Effrayer Funny something that you like to do Amusant Get out of hand become uncontrollable Incontrlable Give someone a ring call up telephone Tlphoner Glad happy pleased Content Go along with agree with Convenir tre daccord Gradually little by little Graduellement Gripe complain Se plaindre Guilty at fault responsible for doing a bad action Coupable Had better should ought to Devoir valoir mieux Handle control operate Contrler Have to must Devoir Hazardous dangerous Dangereux Healthy not sick well Saint Heavy traffic bumper to bumper Embouteillage Hire employ give a job to someone fire Employer However but o the other hand Cependant Huge very big large Vaste trs grand Humid having a lot of water in the air Humide Humidity amount of water or moisture in the air Humidit Hunt for look for search for seek try to find Chercher Hurry up do something faster or more quickly speed up Se dpcher Hurt injure give pain Faire de mal ID card identification card Carte didentit Ignore not pay attention to disregard Ignorer Imaginary not real existing only in the mind Imagination Imagine so think so guess believe so Penser Imitate copy act the same as Imiter Immediately at once right away Maintenant immdiatement Improve get better make better Samliorer progresser In advance early before the time to do somethog En avance In bad shape in poor condition Mauvaise condition In order to so that to Afin de pour que Inability lack of ability to do something Inhabilit Inadequate insufficient not enough insuffisant Indicate show point out indiquer Inflate put air into make larger deflate gonfler Inspect check examine look at carefully examiner Instantly immediately at once immdiatement Instead of in place of rather than au lieu de
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Interesting keeping your attention intressant Introduce present have one person meet another prsenter Investigate check out find out the facts about chercher la vrit Irritate bother annoy make someone angry disturb dranger Jump to conclusions decide too quickly without enough knowledge dcider sans penser Keep an eye on watch carefully garde Lake body of water smaller than a sea or ocean lac Law regulation loi Leaf green part of a tree or plant feuille Legal lawful allowed by law lgale autorise Leisure free time spare time temps libre Lend let somebody use something that belongs to you prter Likely probably peut tre Lobby large room at the entrance of a hotel theatre couloir Local of or from this area local Licate find localiser Look at check examine examine Look forward to ing be eager to be excited about avoir envie de Look over review check something again rviser Look up find in list chercher lubricate oil a machine graisser Main primary principal most important principal Make up ones mind decide dcider Maximum Largest highest and longest possible maximum Mental In the mind mentale Mention Say talk about bring up mentionner Mess up Foul up do something badly do bad job mlanger Meteorologist Weatherman meteorologist Mind Care about object to worry se soucier Minimum Smallest shortest lowest possible minimum Minor Not important small mineur Miss the point Not understand ne pas comprendre Mistake Error faute Modern Recent new nouveaux Motion Movement mouvement Muscles Parts of the body which move the bones muscles Must Have to devoir NCO Non commissioned officer enlisted man sous officier Napkin Paper or cloth for cleaning hands or mouths serviette Natural Produced by nature naturel Near Close to beside prs de Nervous Not at ease tense nerveux nerv Nice Pleasant agreeable agrable plaisant Nickel 5 cent coin pices de 5 centimes Normal usual average normale Notice see observe remarquer Notify inform tell informer Obey follow orders do as told obir Object to ing mind not be in favor of sopposer Objective goal aim objectif Obtain get gain possession of obtenir Obvious clear easy to see or understand clair vident Occasionally sometimes once in a while quelques fois Occur happen take place arriver se de rouler Offence attack attack forceopposite of defense froisser attaquer On the blink not working out of order defective dfectueux
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 On the other hand however from the dautre part cependant One way one direction une seule direction Opinion belief idea opinion Optional up to you not compulsory or required optionnel Original first one not a copy originale Otherwise or else autrement Ought to should had better doit Over finish finir Pack put things in containersopposite if unpack emballer Pain suffering ache douleur Pardon me excuse me excuse moi pardonne moi Party social gathering celebration fte Patient calm able to wait patient Patient sick person malade Penny one cent coin une pice de 1 centime Perfect without error or defect parfait Perform accomplish a task accomplir Period length of time priode Permanent for a long time opposite if temporary permanent Permission authorized permission Pharmacy store selling medicine pharmacie Physical of the body for the body physique Pick out choose select choisir Plan to intend to avoir lintention Pleasant nice enjoyable agrable Pleased happy glad content Plenty lots of a lot of beaucoup Point out show montrer Pour make a liquid to flow from a container verser Popular liked by many people populaire Population number of people in a place population Power authority strength pouvoir Practice do something again and again exercice Precipitation moisture from clouds like rain or snow prcipitation Precise exact accurate prcis Predict forecast guess the future prdire Prefer like better would rather prfrer Prescription paper from a doctor for a medicine ordonnance Preserve maintain keep in good condition prserver Previously in the past before now prcdemment Primary first chief main principal important Private for your own use not public prive Probably likely probablement Produce make manufacture produire Products things that are made usually in factories produits Profession job career profession Professional skilled trained for special work professionnel Promise Say that youll do something for sure Promettre Proper Correct right Vrai correcte Protect guard against or keep from warm shield Proteger Public Open to all people known for the use of all people Publique Publish Print announce Publier Purchase Buy Acheter Purpose Reason goal aim objective Le but Quality Goodness degree of excellence Qualit Quantity Amount Quantit
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Quiet Silent noiseless Silencieux Quite Very completely Completement Rapid Quick moving with great speed Rapide Realize Understand learn Comprendre Really Truly Rellement Reason Cause explanation La raison Reasonable Fair just logical Raisonnable Recommend Suggest Recommander Recreation Activities done for relaxation and enjoyment Recreation Reduce Decrease make smaller or less Reduire Refer to Consult look up information in a book Regulier Regular Typical usual normal Regulier Regulate control Regler Relatively Fairly comparatively Relativement Relaxed Not tense at ease Relaxe Reluctant Hesitant unwilling Hesitant Repair Fix Reparer Repel Force back or push away Posser Replace Take the place of Remplacer Represent Stand for Representer Require Need depend on for success order Necessiter demander Reservation Room or seat saved in advance Reservation Reserve Save keep for later get in advance Reserver Respectable Honorabe deserving admiration Respectable Request Ask for Demander Review Look over study again Reviser Revise Make changes or corrections change modify Reviser Eight away At once immediately Immediatemnt Rip Tear Dechirer Ruin to destroy Spoil seriously damaged wreck Detruire Run Operate a machine Faire demarrer Rush Hurry move quickly Se depecher Saturated Completely wet Mouill Sea port City where ships stop harbor town Port Section Part departement division Division See about Find out about Savoir Several More than two but not many a few Plusieurs Severe Bad serious hard Severe Sharp Not dull Tranchant Shatter Break into many pieces Briser Should Ought to had better Devoir Shower Light rain Legere pluie Similar Alike nearly the same Semblable Skip Pass over omit Omettre Slot Small opening Fente Snack Food eaten betweem meals Casse-croute So far Until now up to the present Jusqu maintenant Solution Answer to a problem Solution Sore Painful Douleureux Souvenir Something that helps you remember Souvenir Spoil Decay Abimer gater Sports Athletics games Sport Stall Stop engine Sarreter Starving Very hungry Famine Stay Not leave Rester Steady Constant not moving or changing Stabe
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Stick to Continue doing something not quit stay with Saccrocher Stiff Rigid not moving easily Rigide Storm Weather with too much wind rain snow or dust Tempete Strange Unfamiliar to you unusual surprising Etrange Stream Small river Ruisseau Subordinate Someone lower in rank Subordonn Suburb Housing area near a city Banlieu Subway Underground train Metro Successful Getting or having good results Couronn de succes Sufficient Adequate enough Suffisant Suggest Advise recommend Proposer Suggestion Recommendation Recommandation Suitable Appropriate correct propper Convenable Sunny Bright sky full of sunshine cloudless Ensoleille Superior Someone hogher in rank Superieur Support Hold up maintain give aid to assist Aider Suppose Believe think guess Penser Sure Positive without doubt Sure Surprise Something unexpected Surprise Surrender Give up stop fighting Abondonner Survive Stay alive live Survivre vivre Switch off Stop turn off eteindre Tailor Person who make clothes Tailleur Take off Remove Enlever Technique Method way Technique Temporary For a short time for a limited time Temporaire Thermostat Devise used to control temperature Thermostat Think over Think about consider Considerer Thoroughly Completely extensive Completement Thunderstorm Heavy rain with lighteneing and thunder Tonere Tight Not loose fastened held closely Serrer Tough Hard difficult strong Difficile Tour Trip Voyage Tourist Person who takes trips Touriste Traffic Buses trucks cars Circulation Transfer Change move from once to another transferer Transform Change conver Transformer Trip Visit tour voyage Voyage Tum down Reject refuse Refuser Turn on Switch on start a machine Allumer Unusual Not typical not common strange abnormal Pas normale Vacation Holiday leave Vacance Value Worth cost Valeur Variety Number of different things Variet multitude Vary Change beecome different fluctuate Varier Velocity Speed Vitesse Vending machine Coin operated machine that sells things Distributeur automatique Version One persons telling of something happened Avis Visibility Maximum distance at which we can see things Visibilit Waiter Man who serves food in a restaurant Seveur Warm up Make warm Rechauffer Weak Not strong Faible Weapon Arm Larme Weigh Determine how heavy is something peser Whether If Si Wild Not controlled by man savage Sauvage
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Worn out Axhausted Fatigu Wonder Want to know Se demander workmanship Quality of work how well something is done Qualification Remarcs Remarcs Remarcs Remarcs
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Remarcs
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Remars Remarcs Remarcs Remarcs
www9raytakcom F LINK TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR 52 Remarcs Remarcs Remarcs Remarcs


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