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1 وصف مشاركة مؤسستك المدرسیة بالاحتفال بالیوم العالمي للبیئة Describe the involvement Foundation school observance of World Environment Day In commemorating the International Day of the Earth and the Environment allocated secondary second half of the morning for the day Saturday 17042010 station mission to embrace a range of environmental activities contributed to the activation of pupils and students in the organization and were framed from their teachers and the various components of Directors where he was during remind everyone the importance of maintaining the planet and thus creating a clean environment to ensure a healthy life for all In order to motivate everyone to engage in a project to create a healthy atmosphere has opened a multi-institution works with a group of pupils and students clean the classrooms The second group has planted some trees and flowers While costing the third set and frame the professors left the national anthem on one wall organization as well as do some murals and the municipal workers pruned some trees which increased from an aesthetic enterprise in an atmosphere characterized by a spirit of citizenship and high all participated in the success of this day of the week allocated to the land and the environment 2 Distance Learning التعلیم عن بعد Intended to distance learning to use communication technology and computer technology in the education process This is called the process also terms such as Internet-Based Learning Distributed Learning Computer-Mediated Communication And distance education is the transfer of science centers with whom in the capitals of States to cities away where there are no means and modes of knowledge vast and specialized And the connection between the student recipient and lecturer interactive interactive and allows the distance education system the ability to receive lectures from a source far from the place of the lecture At the same the same speed implementation time and real time application of this system can be broadcast live and taped lectures with high efficiency where the listener or student from attending a lecture inside or outside the borders of Marocco 3 طلب وظیفة في مؤسسة 20100510 Mustapha B -hay eSalam Sale --11000 Phone 0661002500 E-mail maghrabamaghrabacom Subject Job application It is a pleasure to extend to you the distinguished Requests of this and of job applications in your organization Inform you that I was born in Rabat 17041988 uptake Certificate Bachelor of Science in financial management specialization In the end I am sure that my request took all the attention And to you my sincere thanks and assurances of respect and appreciation 4 Secret immigration Morocco is among the countries that suffer from the issue of illegal immigration in particular because of its geographical location illegal immigration as a dream of William embrace Europe and the desire to achieve lethal to the west and other remains reflected in various regions of Morocco in particular and of Africa generally balanced between hope and despair They decided to mount the vessel through death unknown But nuclear weapons to consider immigration dream non-confidential for unemployed youth work and my father crossed many other reasons for true paradise suicide illegal immigration side adventure of using solutions for Tadert eliminated And unemployment subsistence poverty and weak labor market and the system of social fragility and economic reasons most important to assemble boats of death unknown 5 Reasons for making the day a global environment اسباب جعل یوم عالمي للبیئة Experiencing the globe from high rates of contamination in all parts of the world trying to organizations and associations to protect the alert to this danger and work to reduce the aggravation of this phenomenon which threatens the lives of so many human beings and their vulnerability to extinction especially some species of animals plants and marine resources in addition to the dangers that threaten the health man 6 Letter of complaint رسالة تشكي حول شيء اشتریتھ ووجدت بھ خلل 24 Rotterdam Hauges Avenue 12 streets Harlem Holland 20112007 Mr Fred manager of youth school Magazine industry Road Amsterdam Dear sir or Madam I am a keen reader of the local school magazine spotlight and I have been impressed by a number of articles I read there Today I take the chance to write you an article about a worrying school phenomenon namely smoking To start with and as far as I am concerned there are predisposing factors that lead some students to take up smoking I mean here that certain conditions in their lives make it more likely for these students to smoke Socially students who take up smoking usually come from poor families or working ones that do not have the time to supervise their children after school Besides that students are heavily influenced by the others who smoke As they see their peers smoking they cant help giving it a try Undoubtedly 7 the family structures and backgrounds and the social surrounding play a determining role in this fact Academically students who do poorly in school are known to be taking up smoking more than any others The school frustrations and the feeling of an inability to keep up with the rest of the class push some students to do irresponsible deeds It goes without saying that smoking has a negative impact on every addict Among young people the short-term health effects of smoking include damage to the respiratory system addiction to nicotine and the associated risk of other drug use Long-term health consequences of youth smoking are reinforced by the fact that most young people who smoke regularly continue to smoke throughout adulthood Therefore they become vulnerable to many illnesses such as cancer To conclude smoking is a major youth problem that needs the help and the contribution of everyone of us to try to limit this bad habit Indeed it is imperative that each and every one of us take a step towards informing and sensitizing our youth of the dangers of smoking By way of this same contribution I have been glad to write you these lines to state my stand in your promising magazine Yours Anuarmadridista 8 The festival environment The festival was conceived by lovers of nature to give all the pleasure to discover or rediscover its natural resources to renew ties strong with the environment For five days professional and volunteer networks of Conservation discover free areas known or unknown Hundreds of walks in familiar places like corners normally inaccessible are organized by those who know every detail The public is invited to discover species emblematic or unrecognized some familiar territory to survey led by naturalist guides to better understand the work and passion for natural area managers foresters actors of protection nature which ensure the maintenance of biodiversity For this fourth edition the organizers would like to see participate as individuals They are likely to maintain a piece of nature in their property or their simple garden Creating conviviality and exchange about the nature in private places is now an objective of the Festival of Nature 2010 Naturalists are near you and you do not know They always show you what lies behind the door This festival of five days is an opportunity to meet them The Festival of Nature is also a great time of emergency awareness and issues of protection of biodiversity It raises questions about mans place in nature and its responsibility in the conservation of biodiversity 9 Advances in technology Technology is a broad concept that deals with a peoples usage and knowledge of tools and crafts and how it affects mans ability to control and adapt to its environment In human society technology is a consequence of science and engineering In the last two centuries humanity has witnessed great technological developments that are not to be paralleled with any other past times in history These technological advances range from the invention of the light bulb to the latest wireless computers and internet devices But what are the implications of these technological advances on our societies To begin with technological advances have helped people use tools and materials that made life easier for them To give one example the use of the phone and the internet has made it extremely possible to communicate with any person on any other part of the world So the limitations in communication that we had in the past are all over by now Academically speaking students no longer rely today entirely on books to look for the information they need to do a research Rather they are invited now to search the internet and get ready-made information that saves both time and effort Spatially speaking people 10 managed to set their foot on the moon and discover things that were in the past only myths for many of us However technological advances have had also their negative sides To illustrate to that internet use has made the gap even greater between those who have access to it and those who dont Let us remember that there are those who cant have yet access even to electricity to use all those technological advances which seem to be made mainly for those who have the means to buy it The advances in telecommunication have also made people more selfish in the sense that everyone now has hisher mobile phone and we no longer have family conversations or calls for the whole family Every one holds private conversations on the phone that other cant know about For all these reasons I believe that one has to look at the other side of the coin and To conclude and as far as I am concerned technological advances are a major step in the development of nations and societies and it is imperative to make good use of those developments and make it accessible to all individuals in the world 11 The advantages and disadvantages of technology In fact technology has changed the way we live and communicate but at the same time it is the reason behind many problems and phenomena in our daily life Mankind is grateful for technologys benefits in different domains For example with internet people can get information easily sending rsums to companies and booking rooms in hotels In regard to transport people can travel wherever they love in a very short time In addition technology has helped doctors to find cures to some chronic diseases Despite its advantages peoples health is getting worse and worse because of the fumes of factories and the smoke of cars and buses The most dangerous inventions are rockets and bombs which kill innocent people and destroy everything Moreover workers are replaced by machines in companies which increases the number of joblessness in many countries It all comes down to saying that people must be aware of the use of technology since this latter aims at improving peoples life not killing creatures 12 Womens position Nowadays we all notice that womens position has greatly changed in society Their efforts have been crowned by getting an equal position to men in all domains Women could not go to school and stayed with their parents at homes Thus they were regarded illiterate and ignorant as well Their jobs were looking after their husbands cooking daily meals and washing dishes as machines They were not allowed to vote and were under the authority of men When it comes to clothes women used to wear jallaba and veil and could not go anywhere without the permission of their husbands and parents Everything has now changed women have become aware of the significance of education and so they go to school and get good marks More than that they have been appointed teachers and directresses in great schools Because of their strong struggles women can share with men some political posts like working in courts as judges or lawyers In addition to that women wear whatever they love and go to cafs as men All in all the marginalization of women in the past led them to suffer a lot and live a difficult life However women struggled to show their existence in society and have finally got their rights as men 13 personal values Personal values are one of the most important things in our life This Life as we know it now wouldnt be possible without personal values that regulate it Indeed the more values a person has the more respect and admiration shehe gets For instance people who value hard-work often end up being the most successful I have never known a person who works hard and never succeeds in life Likewise honesty is another value that is key to success in life Honest people earn the trust and reliability of others They are valued for their honesty and truthfulness Undoubtedly there is nothing more rewarding than knowing people with such values as honesty and hard-work With these people one can establish fruitful relationships that are to the advantage of everyone True to say honesty and hard-work are two cornerstones for a good and successful life 14 Humain rights The concept of human rights has existed under several names in European thought for many centuries at least since the time of King John of England After the king violated a number of ancient laws and customs by which England had been governed his subjects forced him to sign the Magna Carta or Great Charter which enumerates a number of what later came to be thought of as human rights Among them were the right of the church to be free from governmental interference the rights of all free citizens to own and inherit property and be free from excessive taxes It established the right of widows who owned property to choose not to remarry and established principles of due process and equality before the law It also contained provisions forbidding bribery and official misconduct The political and religious traditions in other parts of the world also proclaimed what have come to be called human rights calling on rulers to rule justly and compassionately and delineating limits on their power over the lives property and activities of their citizens In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Europe several philosophers proposed the concept of quotnatural rightsquot rights belonging to a person by nature and because he was a human being not by 15 virtue of his citizenship in a particular country or membership in a particular religious or ethnic group This concept was vigorously debated and rejected by some philosophers as baseless Others saw it as a formulation of the underlying principle on which all ideas of citizens rights and political and religious liberty were based In the late 1700s two revolutions occurred which drew heavily on this concept In 1776 most of the British colonies in North America proclaimed their independence from the British Empire in a document which still stirs feelings and debate the US Declaration of Independence smoking When your parents were young people could buy cigarettes and smoke pretty much anywhere - even in hospitals Ads for cigarettes were all over the place Today were more aware about how bad smoking is for our health Smoking is restricted or banned in almost all public places and cigarette companies are no longer allowed to advertise on buses or trains billboards TV and in many magazines Almost everyone knows that smoking causes cancer emphysema and heart disease that it can shorten your life by 14 years or more and that the habit can cost a smoker thousands of dollars a year So how come people are still lighting up
16 Terrorism Terrorism is a term used to describe violence or other harmful acts Terrorism expert Walter Laqueur in 1999 has counted over 100 definitions and concludes that the quotonly general characteristic generally agreed upon is that terrorism involves violence and the threat of violencequot Most definitions of terrorism include only those acts which are intended to create fear or quotterror quot are perpetrated for an ideological goal as opposed to a As a form of unconventional warfare terrorism is sometimes used when attempting to force political change by convincing a government or population to agree to demands to avoid future harm or fear of harm destabilization of an existing government motivating a disgruntled population to join an uprising escalating a conflict in the hopes of disrupting the status quo expressing a grievance or drawing attention to a cause The terms quotterrorismquot and quotterroristquot someone who engages in terrorism carry a strong negative connotation These terms are often used as political labels to condemn violence or threat of violence by certain actors as immoral indiscriminate or unjustified Those labeled quotterroristsquot rarely identify themselves as such and typically use other generic terms or terms specific to their situation such as separatist freedom fighter liberator revolutionary 17 vigilante militant paramilitary guerrilla rebel jihadi or mujaheddin or fedayeen or any similar-meaning word in other languages Terrorism has been used by a broad array of political religious groups revolutionaries and ruling governmentsThe presence of non-state actors in widespread armed conflict has created controversy regarding the application of the laws of war An International Roundtable on Constructing Peace Deconstructing Terror 2004 hosted by Strategic Foresight Group recommended that a distinction should be made between terrorism and acts of terror While acts of terror are criminal acts as per the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373 and domestic jurisprudence of almost all countries in the world terrorism refers to a phenomenon including acts perpetrators of acts of terror and motives of the perpetrators There is a disagreement on definition of terrorism However there is an intellectual consensus globally that acts of terror should not be accepted under any circumstances This is reflected in all important conventions including the United Nations counter terrorism strategy outcome of the Madrid Conference on terrorism and outcome of the Strategic Foresight Group and ALDE roundtables at the European Parliament 18 Leisure time Recreation is very important for one health whoever we are we need leisure activities because they enable us our minds and bodies If we go on working without a break well get bord and exchasted Therfore we should spend our free time on the things we like doing much as listing to music and pratising sport in this way well have energy to rasume our studies and warking OK sany I PPRESENT TO YOU THIS OBJECT OF THE HOW CAN AIR POLLUTION HURT MY HEALTH air pollution can effect our health in many ways with a both short-term effects different groups of individuals are effected by air pollution in different ways some individualsare much more sensitive to pollutants than are others young children and elderly people after suffer mre from effects of air pollutionpoeple with health problems such asthma heart and lung disease may olso suffer more when the air is poolluted the extent to wich in individual is harmed by air pollution usualy depends on the total to the damaging chimicals ie the duration of exposure and the concentration of the chimicals must be taken into accountthis s the end of pragraph i wish to benefit it ok 19 Racism Racism or racialism is a form of race especially the belief that one race is superior to another Racism may be expressed individually and consciously through explicit thoughts feelings or acts or socially and unconsciously through institutions that promote inequality between races In the 19th century many legitimized racist beliefs and practices through scientific theories about biological differences among races Today most scientists have rejected the biological basis of race or the validity of quotracequot as a scientific concept Racism then becomes discrimination based on alleged race Racists themselves usually do believe that humans are divided into different races There are two main definitions of racism today One of them states that racism is dicrimination based on alleged race the other - newer - one states that racism has started to include also discrimination based on religion or culture 20 Leisure What i do in my free time Well i like to exercise and sports especially Karate Just the same i like to watch a football match or a good film sometimes Music- now thats somethingi like as much as sport I very often listen to music on the radiobut what i lke best is reading books on biologychemistry and physics These are my favourite subjects at schoolwhat about friends Ilike to be with them on Saturday internet The Internet is a worldwide publicly accessible network of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by packet switching using the standard Internet Protocol IP It is a quotnetwork of networksquot that consists of millions of smaller domestic academic business and government networks which together carry various information and services such as electronic mail online chat file transfer and the interlinked web pages and other documents of the world wide web The USSRs launch of Sputnik spurred the United States to create the Advanced Research Projects Agency known as ARPA in February 1958 to regain a technological lead12 ARPA created the Information Processing Technology Office IPTO to further the research of the Semi Automatic Ground Environment SAGE program which had networked country-wide together for the first time 21 Science and technology The distinction between science and technology is not always clear Science is the reasoned investigation or study of phenomena aimed at discovering enduring principles among elements of the phenomenal world by employing formal techniques such as the scientific method Technologies are not usually exclusively products of science because they have to satisfy requirements such as utility usability and safety Technology is often a consequence of science and engineering although technology as a human activity precedes the two fields For example science might study the flow of electrons in electrical conductors by using already-existing tools and knowledge This new-found knowledge may then be used by engineers to create new tools and machines such as semiconductors computers and other forms of advanced technology In this sense scientists and engineers may both be considered technologists the three fields are often considered as one for the purposes of research and reference 22 drop out of school Increasing stress in school at work and at home has caused many students to drop out of school to escape their problems With this increasing amount of stress and work some students have become very frustrated and depressed Students then drop out of school and take the easy way out to eliminate some of that stress Students who are most likely to drop out of school are those who do not have a great interest in school or students that have many adult responsibilities placed upon them These problems can force some students into the work force They do this both to provide money for themselves and to fill the gap that was once school Students in high school do not have to deal with these problems alone There are guidance counsellors to talk to as well as close friends and teachers to prevent certain students from 23 الأزمة المالیة Financial crisis The financial repercussions of the crisis resulting from the mortgage crisis which surfaced in 2007 because of the failure of millions of borrowers to buy houses and real estate in the United States to pay their debts to banks This led to a crisis for the American economy reaching consequences to the economies of Europe and Asia in the process of throwing out a large number of major banks and international financial institutions Failed by the hundreds of billions of dollars pumped into global financial markets to put an end to the crisis in mortgages which has been brewing beneath the surface even evolved into a global financial crisis has made no secret of many officials fear that the global economic systems DASHES up and its implications to many parts of the world 24 What is the swine flu Disease swine flu and severe acute respiratory disease infects pigs and is caused by one or more of the swine flu virus type A This is a disease usually of high morbidity rates and low mortality rates 1 - 4 And spreading the virus between pigs through the mist and direct contact indirect and pigs turned out to be non-disease symptoms And records of outbreaks of the disease in pigs throughout the year with a high incidence in the autumn and winter seasons in temperate regions And many countries tend to vaccinate pigs against the swarms of the disease is routinely 25 Science and technologies The distinction between science and technology is not always clear Science is the reasoned investigation or study of phenomena aimed at discovering enduring principles among elements of the phenomenal world by employing formal techniques such as the scientific method Technologies are not usually exclusively products of science because they have to satisfy requirements such as utility usability and safety Technology is often a consequence of science and engineering although technology as a human activity precedes the two fields For example science might study the flow of electrons in electrical conductors by using create new tools and machines such as semiconductors computers and other forms of advanced technology In this sense scientists and engineers may both be considered technologists the three fields are often considered as one for the purposes of research and reference 26 Womens role in development Womens participation in development has vital benefits In the case of morocco this participation takes place at there main levels the social this political and the economic First we cant ignore the active contribution of women in our society as nurses teachers or mothers and wives As nurses women give help to patients in hospitals as teachers they teach the young generation and the illiterate as mothers and wives they bring up kids tube good citizens Second there are many women who take leading position in the government with a desire to encourage democracy and establish freedom and equal rights at the components of our society 27 International organization ofinternational affairs Subject areas include foreign policies internationalrelations international and comparative political economy security policies environmental disputes and resolutions European integration alliance patternsand war bargaining and conflict resolution economic development andadjustment and international capital movements Published on behalf of theInternational Organization Foundation 28 Sustainable development Sustainable development is a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the natural environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present but in the indefinite future The term was used by the Brandt and Commission which coined what has become the most often-quoted definition of sustainable development as development that quotmeets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needsquot The field of sustainable development can be conceptually broken into three constituent parts environmental sustainability economic sustainability and social A drought جفاف 1 إعلانات Advertising تلوث الجو Air pollution A revolution A brain drain or human Brain drain Brain drain Brain Drain Business citizen right المواطنیة Citizenship السینما Cinema Cultural values Drop out of school تربیة Education ھجرة Emigration اللغة الإنكلیزیة English أسرة Families Globalization الفكاھة Humor حقوق الإنسانHuman right Immigration Internet منظمة الدولیة International organization Leisure وقت فراغLeisure time Life in the countryside Minorities كوارث الطبیعةnatural disaster Parents-children relationship تلوثPollution العنصریة Racism Right of women المرأة حقوق Rubbish Science and technologies Science and technology smoking إرھابTerrorism Television TV تجارة غیر مشروعة TRAFFIC PROBLEMS المرأة Women WOMAN AND POWER Womens role in development women working حالة حرب War Working children Working Young people You inscribe to university تمدنUrbanization فقرPoverty Coexistence Coexistence and conflict The coexistence continuum passive coexistence The value coexistence wwwdoros-baccom


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